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₹50 Minutes per head/sets/laps

Week day Monday - Friday ₹25
Week end Saturday and SundayFriday 4:00pm till Sunday ₹50

Note:There might be slight difference in time as per the booking.


Lagori, dikori or lagoori, also known as Lingocha, Pithu (Punjabi), Palli Patti (Karimnagar), Pitto (Rajasthan), Pittu (Bengal) or Satoliya (Madhya Pradesh) is a game in India involving a ball and a pile of flat stones, generally played between two teams in a large outdoor area.It is also being played today in villages.Clearly mark the boundary. If any of the seekers crosses it, they are out. If the person trying to knock down the pile and cannot do it in three tries, they are out.

In any of the three tries, if the thrower's ball does not knock down the pile and is caught by an opponent after the first bounce then the thrower is out. Each team contains equal number of players.Piles of flat stones contain 7 stones. Hitters cannot run with the ball and hit the seekers. After restoring the pile of stones the player should say lagori 3 times and swipe his hands around the stones


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