chota BEAM (Projection Game)

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₹150 5set Minutes/sets/laps

Week day Monday - Friday ₹75
Week end Saturday and Sunday10 am to 5.30 pm ₹150

Note:There might be slight difference in time as per the booking.


Ever Imagined playing with RAYS (Beams)….Here’s the opportunity to play not only physical but brain Storming games… kids shall compose music, strike bonus points, Sketch without notebook and Demolish the strikers to get on to next level… You need to follow the rays within a permissible boundary and indulge with the game... Certain Games may explore with all the Tropical climates of earth which shall be a guide for kids Geographical education. This generation is limited to video games where they are been instructed with rules and regulations... And been taken into only mental calculations whereas with CHOTA BEAM GenX shall prepare with Their own move, plan their own steps and discover a new satisfaction level of physical and mental Activity
PLAY FACTORY been one of the Major sports entertainment place... Promises to be a one stop Destination for Toddler to Teen and Adults to have their real DAY OUT. A Game for you and for everybody, this will Show off your skill to score the best from you.

Maximum of 6 Players for a game.
Clothing Restriction – NONE
Format – Indoor
Audience Presence – YES
Time – 20 Minutes
Cost for 5 sets: INR 150/- per person


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